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Poem: Breakthrough

Perhaps the amputation
of the
that infinite
always exist,
is the key
changing hardened neural connections
in my brain;
learn the new pathways
and perhaps
I can
that accidental miracle of evolution-
my life.


Poem: Moral Development

Rarely do people reach his Sixth Stage

the book says,

repeating the idea that

we aren't always the people we see in the mirror

or the computer screen;

rather - skipping along the pavement,

we play the Good Boy role -

kneeling at the Theater of Security

or the Theater of Right and Wrong,

clapping politely for the president's final bow

while grimacing through clenched and broken 


It's 8 o'clock.

Do you know where your principles are?


Haiku: F Train

Slush on the tracks

he's taking half my seat-

it must be his puffy jacket.

I sneeze in my hand,

No one says God Bless You,

we switch to the G line.

Can you spare some change-

Penny, Dime, Nickel, Quarter,

I'd appreciate it and I don't do drugs.

"Take a pill," she says,

"Call the doctor," she says,

"I have the name of a good knee man," she says.

He tests his cel-phone again and again,

Those guys are cursing up a storm,

REVS ten feet high on the wall.

Always a baked chicken smell,

spot the girl wolfing down white styrofoam platter,

I move to the corner seat.

Poem: Hall of Meteorites

A crystal clear


formed when the 

Ice Age pulled



geologic raw 


sliding into

track light narration

carpet film strips

and drool on your desk:


(turn next picture 

at sound of tone).

Poem: Jitter

Blasted through a tunnel

at the approximate speed of sound

finding the right track

just the right track

for a state of mind

neither wellness nor Wells

trusting my thought accomplices:

"Can it," they say

"What do you know," I say

"We know it's going to hell in a handbasket," they say 

"That's just NPR talk," I say.

Full of harmony

full of grace

Baruch Hashem

save us from falling brokers.